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Stadt Salzburg

It is the playful lightness that makes Salzburg, the miniature metropolis, so distinctive. The enchanting silhouette of the Fortress, Cathedral and church steeples in this baroque city north of the Alps. So beautiful that it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. So famous that its attractions are among the most famous in the world.


Handweberei Seiwald

The "Gollinger Fleckerlpatschen" is offered in our company for 3 years and enjoys great popularity. This is the perfect house slippers shoe especially during the cold months and also as a gift, he is very popular. It is used mainly in the private sector, in cottages and hotels. He is very soft and comfortable to wear. The upper material is a colorful mixture of Fleckerlstoffen, the sole may, as desired, be made from genuine domestic buckskin. The Fleckerlpatschen for the ladies is usually with a red border, that usually framed for the men with a green border.


Carriage rides to beautiful Bluntautal

Enjoy the tranquility and romance at a horse and carriage ride to the beautiful Bluntautal at Golling. Escape the stress of everyday life and pamper yourself with a carriage drive from the idyllic charm of the landscape conservation area, close to the enchanted city of Salzburg.


World of Ice Giants in Werfen

The world's largest ice cave is located near Salzburg in the village of Werfen. Here you will find a fascinating display of ice and rock. To get to the mouth of the ice caves visitors take the steepest cable car in Austria and enjoy imposing views of the Hohen Tauern Alps and the Salzach valley. Those who venture into the world of the "Ice Giants" will find themselves in a totally foreign world - a labyrinth of nearly 42 kilometers of trails through the ice caves. The uniquely shaped corners carry such names as "The Empire of Diamonds", "The Serpent" or the "Labyrinth of Demons". Don't worry, your trip through the ice caves will be led by an experienced guide!


Aqua Salza

Aqua Salza Golling - a phantastic spa-dream surrounded by the stunning landscape of Salzburgs mountains. Our fascinating sauna- and beautyworld, combined with a family- friendly pool area is our key to your perfect timeout. Innovative events as well as the delicacies of the local cuisine guarantee for an unforgetable experience.


Shoppping in the city of Salzburg

E2, by erika eibl, i like this fashion

e2, a collection for the confident woman that noble Estimates material and know how to make your type best for Validity brings. Woman is all woman again. Playing with Classical and rigor as opposed to playful Accessories and details makes the startling voltage this unique collection of.


Thannhauser Farm Museum

On the some 340 m² of exhibition space at the Thannhauser Farm Museum, you will find countless fascinating pieces dating from between 1800 and 1930, including farming implements, a mill, an old wash kitchen, historical fruit-processing equipment, an old cobbler's workshop, as well as a schoolroom from the olden days.

This journey of discovery hosted by Inge, the lady of the farm, is a highlight for the whole family. Allow her to share fascinating tales about life and manual labor in earlier times!


frischluft - Outdoor Fitness World

frischluft is a unique fitness program in the free nature and it awakes the enjoyment of exercise in a playful way.

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